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Inspire Coffee

Inspire Coffee

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Unleash the Music Within with Inspire Coffee

Inspire Coffee is a unique, full-bodied roast that awakens your senses and uplifts your spirit. This blend with rich chocolate notes with hints of sweet berries, has a captivating aroma and a smooth, satisfying taste.

Inspire Coffee is a collaboration between Exilior Coffee and Music Workshop to unlock the transformative power of music education for children around the world. With every purchase of Inspire Coffee, Exilior Coffee donates up to 15% directly to Music Workshop. This contribution supports free, culturally responsive music programs for K-8 students, ensuring the joy of music reaches a wider audience.

Indulge in a satisfying cup of Inspire Coffee, knowing you're making a difference. Your support fuels future funding for expanded music education programs, empowering young learners globally.

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