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Bold Dark Roast Kenyan Coffee - Bold in Every Cup

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Spices, Molasses

Binti translates to "daughter" in Swahili.  Uncover the bold spirit of Binti Bold Dark Roast. Sourced ethically Igegania Co-op in Kenya and crafted meticulously in Oregon, each sip tells a tale of resilience and empowerment. Dive into the richness of flavor and the depth of purpose with every cup.

Our commitment to ethical sourcing ensures that every bean in our Bold Dark Roast is selected with care. From the coffee farms in Kenya to your cup, we prioritize sustainability and fair practices. With Binti , you're not just enjoying a premium coffee experience—you're supporting women empowerment initiatives in Kenyan coffee-growing communities.

We recommend indulging in its depths through espresso, pour over, or brewing with a French press or AeroPress. Binti represents a commitment to excellence and a dedication to uplifting communities.

Experience Binti Bold Dark Roast Coffee today and discover empowerment in every sip.

Process: Washed

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