Exilior Coffee is Luxury Kenyan Coffee

Taste the Rich Harmony of Impact and Quality

Embrace the Journey of Flavor and Purpose with Exilior Coffee

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Exilior: Your Gateway to
Kenyan Certified Products
Local Delights in the Northwestern USA.

Indulge in Farm Direct Wholesale Coffee & Macadamia Nuts, Sourced with Care from Kenya
Embrace the Journey of Flavor and Purpose with Exilior Coffee

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At Exilior, We're More Than Just Products - We're a Force for Good.

With Every Purchase, You're Contributing to Positive Change.

Experience the Impactful Journey of Coffee and Community.

We are Connecting Communities Across the Globe.

Experience the Essence of Luxury with Exilior's Kenyan Coffee

We are a Family-Owned & Operated Business!

We're Dedicated to Crafting Moments and Connecting Communities.

Every Purchase Makes a Difference - Supporting Causes Worldwide

Join Us in our Commitment to Sustainability as a Certified "B" Corporation

Exilior is Protecting the Environment with Every Sip

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Remember Exilior Coffee is a Luxury Kenyan Coffee Business that is a Certified B Corporation.

Empowering Communities Locally and Globally from Our Oregon Roots!

Originating in Kenya, with a commitment to farm-direct support and exclusive rights, Exilior Coffee proudly extends its reach to enrich lives both near and far.

With a base in the heart of Oregon, we're dedicated to supporting local communities across the U.S.A. and making a positive impact worldwide. Join us in our mission to cultivate change and spread joy, one cup at a time!

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